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Polkadot Cute in the Artists Alley! Order from this cute, japan-inspired indie shop at and like them on Facebook

Learn about Parisian Petals in this exclusive Artists Alley video clip from Katsucon 20.

Check out this short clip with artist Amber Davis in the Katsucon 20 Artists Alley and go to her website at

Check out some of these event highlights from the Masquerade at Katsucon 20!

Interview with Dustbunny Cosplay ( dbcosplay ) in her amazing Totoro Ball Gown at Katsucon 20!

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Katsucon 2014 - A Walk Through the Hallway

See the video here.

A tour of the con from the Gazebo to the Ballroom! Is your cosplay in the video?

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Monobear’s Angels cosplaying Dangan Ronpa.

Their Tumblr blogs are: GingerybiscuitVioletprincekatspan, and ceriene.


For all the people that missed it.

Check out the DC Rollergirls at their website here.

Check out the DC Rollergirls at their website here.